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Why Choose Us

Have you ever done any remodeling before? Whether its your first time or fourth time remodeling, the reality is that remodeling isn’t fun. Some of the hinderance may be the hassle of finding the right construction company, the mess and, of course…the cost.

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“Do-It Yourself ” Experience

  • Renovating a la carte
  • Designing things yourself
  • Ordering materials yourself
  • Managing the project yourself
  • Using unvetted contractors
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Blues Brothers Construction

  • All-inclusive service
  •  Experienced designers
  • Direct ordering
  • Start-to-finish support
  • Licensed contractors
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What Makes Us Unique?
We have a background in Civil Engineering.

In addition to being general contractors, we hold degrees in Civil Engineering. With that experience, education, and training on managing multi-unit commercial development projects, we bring cutting edge techniques and methods to the table to ensure that your project is both well-executed and on-time.

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civil engineering
We’re not just builders, we’re also the designers.

While most construction companies hire outside designers, the founders and owners of Blues Brothers Construction are the designers. Want to save space? We have the experience and foresight necessary to make sure your designs are both up to code and architecturally correct and logical. Want to save money? We have the knowledge to introduce ideas you might have otherwise overlooked — such as designing and building you your own custom cabinets or finding new uses for old fixtures.

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It’s all about the materials — and we’re the dealers.

Let us do all the ordering for you! We have a direct relationship with dozens of the top materials vendors in the industry! This includes the very best cabinets, tiles, countertops, fixtures, faucets, and appliances. You name it, we deal in it. By buying directly from the vendor factories, we save you the time of dealing with middlemen and traveling to showrooms — and, most importantly, we save you money.

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